M.1 “The Social and Political Ideas of T.S. Eliot.” Dissertation. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, McGill University, 1955.

M.2 “The Dallas Conspiracy” (ca. 197l). Has been cited and listed in published bibliographies (e.g. Anthony Summers, Conspiracy). For sale in specialized bookstores. 300 pp.

M.3 “Government Documents and the Kennedy Assassination” (1973-75). Sometimes cited and sold as an appendix to “The Dallas Conspiracy.” ca. 50 pp. Excerpts integrated into A.13, and one passage reproduced in B.5.

M.4 “Beyond Conspiracy” (1979-80), a book in press and advertised for sale by its publisher, but withdrawn without explanation. Cited in Henry Hurt, Reasonable Doubt. ca. 450 pp.

M.5 “Gestapu, 1965: Development and Terror in Indonesia” (1982). 107 pp. (single space).

M.6 “Mengele and Dulles: the SS-OSS Connection” (1985). 135 pp. (single space).

M.7 “Contra-Gate: Reagan, Foreign Money, and the Contra Deal” (1986). 30 pp. (single space). Briefly discussed in Boston Globe, December 23, 1986.

M.8 “To Dream the Republic: Meditation, Epic, and the Future City in Shelley, Yeats, and Pound: An Essay on Cultural Politics and Poetic Politics.” Paper delivered to National Poetry Foundation Conference on Yeats and Pound, University of Maine, Orono, August 1990.

M.9 “Watergate, Cuba, and the China-Vietnam Lobby.” Lost ms., cited by Anthony Summers, The Arrogance of Power, 567n. If anyone has a copy of this ms., I would be grateful to receive a xerox.

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