Published (36, in 18 journals)

I.i If you want to change your life Agni Sp99

I.ii They do not know me Agni Sp99

I.iii I believe in enmindment Agni Sp99

II.i To deal with the living Agni Sp99

II.ii As an only child CanLit SuA99

II.iii What does it mean Salmagundi WSp99

II.iv The events which have FlashPoint Sp99

II.v Quick! first stack the plates FlashPoint Sp99

II.vi They banished Solzhenitsyn FlashPoint Sp99

II.vii Dukkha the first noble truth Zyzzyva W98

II.viii I remember when very young

II.ix Despite my good excuse MalahatR Sp99

II.x Our ancestors were pirates

II.xi And am I to reenact Zyzzyva W98 (“II.xii”)

II.xii I tell my mother

R1: I focus on breath InqMind Sp98, McGLJ F97

III.i Nietzsche wrote of the struggle

III.ii In my mother’s studio NAW #17

III.iii Good Friday! I lie in bed TriQ

III.iv Although it is some time now NAW #17

III.v As we gaze through the window ChicRev W98 (“III.vi”)

III.vi Bursts of music all night ChicRev W98 (“III.vii”)

III.vii The unfinished artwork ChicRev W98 (“III.viii”)

III.viii Sleepless obsessed

III.ix Ronna the Renaissance is different NotreDameR

III.x When Joyce’s sister and her kids

III.xi That night in Gibeah

III.xii Once again! Insight Zyzzyva W98 (“III.xiii”)

R2: The jay with his chatter TriQuarterly SpSu99

IV.i And now for something a bit more serious Zyzzyva W98

IV.ii Looking north from my nightwatch Epoch F00

IV.iii It takes the Tao to remind us Epoch F00

IV.iv Of course the bankers Epoch F00

IV.v In Siam after the war Conjunctions F99 (“IV.vi”)

IV.vi The Emperor Frederick II Zyzzyva W98 (“IV.v”)

IV.vii Let others debate the canon! Conjunctions F99

IV.viii When I read of Russell’s Conjunctions F99

IV.ix Imagination!/ source of language! Conjunctions F99

IV.x Intuition!/ the way forward HarvRev F99

IV.xi In the Bishop’s Palace in Oporto Manoa

IV.xii Intuition! the gateway/to the terrifying

R3: The woman cabbie who drives us Inquiring Mind F00

V.i After the cherubim PartRev F99

V.ii The linear ordo saeclorum! Tikkun JaF00

V.iii To language and humans

R4 The hours pass under my feet Inquiring Mind F00