From Minding the Darkness, IV.iii
Covetousness in which we are so immersed that no one has the power to turn his eyes away! Dante Paradiso 27.121-23

as Dante heard in heaven after he had last looked down at il varco folle d’Ulisse the mad track of Ulysses; Paradiso 27.82-83

but the repetition of such warnings No disaster worse than greed Tao Te Ching 46 is now so anachronistic

it proves the extent to which our left and right The Nation The National Review

have receded from Jefferson’s goal of silently lessening the inequality of property Jefferson 3.268-69; Sellers 36 …. by depicting Jackson as slaveholder speculator exterminator of Indians

Zinn lost sight of the Bank War in much talk of tariffs banking political parties

political rhetoric Zinn ’80 129 along with Jefferson’s warnings about an aristocracy

founded on banking institutions and moneyed incorporations Sellers 106 and Adams’ Every bank of discount

is downright corruption taxing the public for private individuals’ gain Adams ’62 9.638

….the belief of the Founding Fathers who used to read Homer saw clearly the need to check

the growth of power unable to check itself when a Nation has grown

to such an height of Power as to become dangerous she never fails to loose

her Wisdom and Moderation and with these her Power Adams ’62 4.158, Schurmann Scott & Zelnik 9

…. should we who by our tactics of destructive rage elected Ronald Reagan

not ask: Did not we ourselves help divert this energy by separating it from the Fathers

of our only Revolution? They like us mistrusted wealth these green bits of paper

which in ’35 when taken off the Gold Standard added instead the words

In God We Trust

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