Bibliography of Miscellaneous Poetry Publications

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D.2 (Poem) “Touching.” Departure (London) 1 (1952).

D.3 (Poem) “Walton Street Interlude.” Civ/n (Montreal) 4 (Winter 1953), 3. Under pseudonym “John Sproston.” Cf. C.28.

D.4 (Poem) “Parc de Montsouris.” Northern Review (Montreal) V, 6 (Feb./Mar. 1953), 36.

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D.7 (Poem) “To M., Who Knew Too Much.” Civ/n (Montreal) 6 (Fall 1954), 13. Under pseudonym “John Sproston.” Cf. C.28.

D.7a (Poem) “The Great Clock of Strassbourg[sic]”, Forge (McGill University), (1954) 37.

D.7b (Poem) “The Children,” Forge (McGill University) (1954), ??.

D.7c (Poem) “Fall River,” Forge (McGill University) (1954), ??.

D.8 (Poem) “Cathedral Creche.” Poetry (Chicago) LXXXV, 3 (Dec. 1954), 3.

D.9a (Poem) “Montebello Sugaring.” McGill Daily, December 16, 1955.

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D.12 (Poem) “On First Reading Hodgskin and Hardenberg). Canadian Forum (Toronto) XXXVI, 429 (Oct. 1956), 157.

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D.15 (Poem) “Lachute.” Delta (Montreal) 7 (April 1959), 6.

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D.18 (Four Poems) “Les Bouffons d”Apres-Guerre” (“The Interpreter,” “Green Girl,” “Riviera Salesman,” Parole”). Poetry (Chicago) XCVIII, 1 (April 1961), 26-29.

D.19 (Poem) “Pieta.” Canadian Forum (Toronto) XLI, 484 (May 1961), 34.

D.20 (Poem) “Knightsland.” Canadian Forum (Toronto) XLI, 485 (June 1961), 68.

D.21 (Poem) “Lizard.” The Fiddlehead (Fredericton, N.B.) 51 (Winter 1962), 11.

D.22 (Poem) “Vincent at Arles.” Canadian Forum (Toronto) XLI, 492 (Winter 1962), 221.

D.23 (Poem) “The Dust Theatre.” Canadian Forum (Toronto) XLI, 492 (Winter 1962), 228.

D.26 (Poem) “Fishing River.” Alphabet (London, Ont.) 4 (June 1962), 10-11.

D.29 “Translations from Zbigniew Herbert.” A preface and seven translations: “Arion” (Arijon), “To Marcus Aurelius” (Do Marka Aurelego), “Maturity” (Dojrzalosc), “Two Drops” (Dwie Krople), “The Wringer” (Magiel), “The Wind and the Rose” (Wiatr i roza), “Episode in a Library” (Epizodw bibliotece). Hudson Review (New York) XVI 1 (Spring 1963), 68-73.

D.31 (Poem) “St. Martin de Canigou.” The Fiddlehead (Fredericton, N.B.) 57 (Summer 1963), 52-53.

D.32 (Poem) “The Mount of Love.” Massachusetts Review (Amherst, MA) V, 1 (Autumn 1963), 142-43.

D.33 (Translation from the Polish, with Czeslaw Milosz) “Throughout Our Lands” (Poem by Czeslaw Milosz). Encounter (London) XXII, 2 (Feb. 1964), 46-49.

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D.36 (Poem) “Le Causse du Caylar.” The Fiddlehead (Fredericton, N.B.) 62 (Fall 1964), 37-38.

D.38 (Poem) “The Printed Centaur.” The Fiddlehead (Fredericton, N.B.) 63 (Winter 1965), 1.

D.40 (Poem) “Hepaticas Near Ottawa.” Literary Review (Teaneck, NJ) VIII, 4 (Summer 1965), 564

D.42 (Poem) “The Forest of Wishing.” Times Literary Supplement (London) 3, 316 (Sept. 16, 1965), 798.

C.6 A.J.M. Smith (ed.). Modern Canadian Verse. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1967. Contains “Argenteuil County” (pp. 314-17); “The Loon’s Egg” (pp. 317-18). “The Loon’s Egg” was later translated into Croatian as “Jaje Sjevernog Gnjurca” by Luko Paljetek, Mogucnosti (Split), XIX, 7 (July 1972), 737-38 (D.63a, cf. D.201); and into French as “L’oeuf de plongeon” by Jean Migrenne, Siecle 21, 9, Automne-Hiver 2006, 80-81 (D.329).

D.49 (Four Translations) “Elephant” (“Pointing Outwards: Poems by Susan Eason, William Snow, Janine Canan, Peter Dale Scott, Beatrice Cameron. ([Berkeley], n.d.). Contains “Almond Tree,” “Girl and Dog,” “Critique of Realism,” “The Burning of the Humanities Building,” “The Golden Chukkar,” [Untitled:] “halfway up the falls…,” “Up Against the Wall.” [All of these poems, except for “halfway up the falls…,” were reprinted in Rumors of No Law.]

class=SpellE>Slon“), “Wristwatch” (“Zegarek”), “Parable of the Russian Emigres” (“Przypowiesc o Emigrantach Rosyjskich”, “Episode” (“Episod”), by Zbigniew Herbert. The Review (London), 17 (April 1967), 9, 14, 17, 19.

D.53 (Poem) “Up Against the Wall,” San Francisco Express Times, I, 37 (October 2, 1968), 2. Redistributed by Liberation News Service.

D.63a (Translation of Poem) “Jaje Sjevernog Gnjurca” (“The Loon’s Egg”), translated by Luko Paljetek. Mogucnosti (Split), XIX, 7 (July 1972), 737-38. Cf. C.6, D.201.

D.54 (Translation from the Polish, with Czeslaw Milosz) “Greek Portrait” (“Grecki Portret”). Occident (Berkeley) III (Spring 1969), 56.

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D.83 (Poem) “Blood Talk.” Berkeley Poetry Review, 8 (Fall 1979), 22-23.

D.85 (Poems) “Almond Tree,” “Sora.” Berkeley Poetry Review, 10 (Winter 1981), 94-97.

C.25. Charles Entrekin (ed.), Tunnel Road 2: A Poetry Anthology (Orinda, CA: John F. Kennedy University Press, 1980), pp. 86. Contains “Across from Bolinas.”

D.88 (Poem) “Dying In,” Berkeley Poetry Review, 11-12 (Fall 1981-Winter 1982), p. 88.

D.89 (Poem) “Max Scherr’s Wake,” Berkeley Barb XXXI.1, December 11, 1981, p. 6. Reprinted in Berkeley Poetry Review, 14 (Fall 1982), pp. 31-33.

D.90 (Poem) “These Roots,” by Jacques Godbout, translated by Peter Dale Scott, The Berkeley Graduate (January 1982), p. 3. Reprinted in Berkeley Poetry Review, 13 (Spring 1982), p. 1.

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D.96 (Poem) “Coppett’s Wood Hospital,” Berkeley Poetry Review, 17 (Fall 1984), pp. 49-50.

D.102 (Poem) “Olive Oatman,” Berkeley Poetry Review, 18 & 19 (1985-1986), pp. 222-24.

D.113 (Poem) “Flight,” Berkeley Poetry Review, 20 (Fall 1986, i.e. January 1987), pp. 27-29.

D.114 (Poem) “an excerpt from Going to Jakarta [i.e. Coming to Jakarta,” Berkeley Poetry Review, 20 (Fall 1986, i.e. January 1987), pp. 160-62. (I.ii “In Watertown Massachusetts…”). Cf. A.8.

D.125 (Poems) “Ephemera,” “Reflections on a Fifty-Eighth Birthday.” Berkeley Poetry Review (Winter 1987), pp. 25-26.

D.126 (Translation) “Crossing the Yellow River,” by Wang Wei. Berkeley Poetry Review (Winter 1987), pp. 106-07.

D.128 (Poem) “Flight,” Brick: A Journal of Reviews, 30 [Fall 1987], p. 64.

D.134 “From Coming to Jakarta.” Witness (Farmington Hills, Michigan) II.1 (Spring 1988), 54-65. Reprints II.iv, II.xvii, III.xi, IV.iv, IV.x. Cf. A.8, D.85.

D.136 (Poem) “Field (For Robert Duncan).” Berkeley Poetry Review<, 22 (Fall 1988), 174-79. (Later published as part III.i of Listening to the Candle).

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D.140 [II.xviii of Coming to Jakarta.] Reprinted, with discussion, in Moment (Ithaca, NY, the newsletter of Epoch) #3, 9 February 1989, 2-3. Cf. D.134.

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D.148 From Coming to Jakarta [pp. 54-57 of the Canadian edition, A.8a]. Lobster 20 (Fall 1990), 18-19. (II.xvii, with parts of II.xvi and II.xviii).

D.152 From Listening to the Candle: A Poem on ImpulseAgni (Boston) 31/32 (1990), 362-67.

D.157 [Sidebar to “A Conversation with Peter Dale Scott,” by Russell Schoch] Coming to Jakarta: A Poem About Terror” [I.i]. California Monthly CI.5 (April 1991), 43.

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D.230 “from ‘Minding the Darkness: A Poem Through Imagining'” III.vii (“As we gaze through the window”), III.viii (“Bursts of music all night”), III.ix (“The unfinished artwork”). Chicago Review, 44, 3&4, 1998, 1-16. With a bibliography. Cf. A.18.

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D.261 “Retreat Poems.” Inquiring Mind, 17, 1, Fall 2000, 26-27. Contains sections from Second and Third Retreats, all of “Fourth Retreat” (“Walking at Spirit Rock”) from Minding the Darkness: A Poem for the Year 2000; plus section v (“Our teacher gives us…”) from an unpublished Retreat Poem. Cf. A.18.

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D.338 [Poem] “Making History, Unfolding World.” FlashPoint, Spring 2007, http://www.flashpointmag.com/scottmh.htm.

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D.351 “Five poems: Cape Flattery, Washington, Turn of a Century, Mendocino, Words to Du Fu from the Oakland Airport Parking Lot, The Tao of 9/11.” Jacket 34, October 2007. http://jacketmagazine.com/34/scott-p-d-5p.shtml. (For earlier versions of “The Tao of 9/11,” see D.316 “A Ballad of Drugs and 9/11.” FlashPoint, Spring 2006; also Lobster, October 2005.)

D.352 (two poems) “Luzern Symposium: Der inszenierte Terrorismus” and “Recalling V-J Day, 8/15/1945.” nthposition online magazine, January 8, 2008. http://www.nthposition.com/luzernsymposiumder.php.

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D.492 Six poems on from my forthcoming book of poetry, Walking on Darkness (Sheep Meadow Press” September 2016): ” Tavern Underworld,” “Wildman in the Bathroom Mirror,” ” Walking on Darkness,” ” At Angkor Wat,” ” Movie Premiere,” “Another Road”, http://www.flashpointmag.com/fp18_Peter_Dale_Scott_Walking_on_Darkness_Six_Poems.htm.

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